I'm a Prestashop developer

My story


We are in 2008, I discover the Prestashop open-source solution. Since then, I have been working on projects of all-sizes and I participated actively on the development of the platform, as a Prestashop modules developer.

Today, I help my customers upon diverse and complex issues involving Prestashop and e-commerce in general, and I cannot be happier when they overcome their challenges with my help ! Perfectionist (and no, that's not a bad thing !), I deliver projects that respond perfectly to my customer's needs, allowing them to focus on what is essential : the development of their business, while they let me handle the technical aspects for them.

Prestashop Specialist

I use, recommend and contribute to the development of the Prestashop solution for more than 15 years now. Coming with a free entry package and giving you a complete ownership over your website, Prestashop is THE "Made in France" e-commerce solution that allows endless personalisation.


My long experience gives me the opportunity to accompany you in every step of your e-commerce project.
I do not realise every kind of services although I will know for sure what or who you need in order to boost your shop's SEO, to synchronise it with your accounting or to optimise your Facebook's ads as well as your mailing campaigns.

of experience
projects done

Your satisfaction is my top priority


My main accomplishment aren't my years of experience as a Prestashop developer, nor is it my numerous successful
projects done, along with varied and fascinating individuals.

My true pride can be found over the flawless satisfaction of my customers, during all those years and all those projects done for, and alongside them.

Any realisation, any project you will allow me to do with you will be fully targeted to your needs, and it will reflect your intentions and positioning at their best.

Prestashop allows a high level of support and customisation, so let me guide you through the possibilities of this solution and together we will turn your e-commerce project into a success !


Increase of revenues, subscriptions or reputation...

They are satisfied and they tell you why YOU should trust me as well !